Chaplains Association of Ohio

CAO is a statewide network of chaplains for educational employment-news and support. We sponsor conferences in the Spring and Fall. Members receive a discount. We seek to serve and connect paid and volunteer chaplains, chaplains of all faiths and cognate groups.

CAO promotes education and collegiality.


Many of us have been through rigorous clinical training to learn to face the truth about ourselves and our issues, so as to better walk with others in their truths and issues. We are not afraid of deep things, of conflict and challenges. We respect them and the riches within them.


We work in hospitals, retirement communities, congregations, classrooms, corrections, fire departments, police departments, home care and hospices. We work with young, old, addicted, broken, challenged, fearful, hopeful, recovering, dying. We work with families. We work with staff.


We come from varied religious traditions: Jewish, Sufi, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, many stripes of Protestant Christian, and others. We value diversity.


We are engaged in our own spiritual journeys. We are still in process ourselves. Join us in exploring.